Wet Basement Repair

If it rains and you get water in your basement or crawl space we can help. Our “Dry Basement Service” has been helping homeowners for decades to solve these problems.

Our service includes an 88 point property inspection, on-site consultation, follow-up detailed report with prescription for necessary repairs to correct the problem. We will advise you on your entire house and property as it relates to basement or crawl space water issues, not just the troubled area. This way we not only solve the problem at hand but prevent future problems.

Our consultation takes about an hour at your home. Report follows in about a week. See our rates page for pricing.

Gutter Covers

There are a hundred different kinds of gutter covers out there these days, and as many different companies knocking on doors selling them. It is not uncommon for me to go on a consultation and find that newly installed gutter covers are now causing basement seepage. Why? Because the water running off the roof does not always make it into the gutters. Instead, it runs over the new gutter covers, especially in valleys. So, homeowners that never had a problem with basement seepage all of a sudden have a problem. And those that already had problems still have them, often worse.

I have not seen a gutter cover that insures roof run off ends up entirely in the gutter, while at the same time eliminating gutter cleaning. While some covers do a great job keeping leaves out of gutters, typically, they don’t let rain go into gutters. The photo shown on our “helpful information” section is a gutter covered with 1/4″ hardware cloth. It is the only reliable way to screen a gutter. This screen is on my mother’s house that I installed over seven years ago with no problems of roof run off overshooting gutter, or, debris getting into gutter since—the exact result desired. She has a large amount of mature trees around her house. Unfortunately, these screens have to be cut and installed by hand. But, they work. No more gutter cleaning. This screen even works with maple seedlings, as the holes are too small for helicopters to get in, even though some may get stuck in holes pointing up, they will dissolve and not prevent roof run off from entering gutter. Keep in mind, leaves accumulate on roofs, especially in valleys, and there is no gutter screen or cover that will eliminate having to remove leaves and twigs from roofs at times. That is a completely separate maintenance issue from gutter cleaning.

Ron Gay